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This website offers personal travel impressions, pictures, history and stories from many countries. It aims to give travel advice and inspiration and to promote different parts of the globe.

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...It was one day, I looked again at all the pictures I took during my “fight with life”, and I just realized how wonderful places I had the opportunity to go while fighting... (read the welcome message)





For our children and future generations, for our wonderful planet, for the animals wild life, and for our selfs! Get involved here!!
La Marsa

Sight seeing places in Tunisia are everywhere. Please don't stick in the cheap 5 stars hotels and go around visiting the county side and the history museums too!

My Brother  sent me some pictures from Portugal

Japan Japan Japan

Japan is just AMAZING! if you have the chance to go there, try the huge variety of food they are unique in! Great people, great culture and great food! Definitly one of my favorite places to suggest for visiting!

A great country! All we have in mind once arrive here is a better world in a better place. Hope and opportunities are rule number one. Culture is so rich and nature and big cities are just in harmony.


One of the most beautiful places I have ever been! I stayed there for 3 days, but will never forget them, ever!

France France France Bordeaux

Paris is the most touristy city in the world. And the is worth it! Trust me! A great place for museums, nice architecture and great food.

london london London

I just passed few nights in London, but could take some pictures.

Croatia croatia

Croatia is just a paradise on earth. The Adriatic coast and its beautiful islands, the architecture in Zagreb, the natural parks and the very nice people are just a few things to list here.

Canada is the place where I felt the most comfortable ever. In the streets of downtown Vancouver, I could understand people speaking English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Slave, Russian and so many others!  
ivory abidjan ivory

My friend Walid used to live there and sent me some pictures of this very beautiful country.

I left the best for the end! The under water world doesn't belong to any continent or country! If you have the chance to live this experience one day, you will understand what I mean.

Mother Earth is just GORGEOUS! Enjoy the ride...
petit prince regarde

A great Mom, an awsome artist... Visit her portfolio gallery here.








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This was the Tabarka, Tunisia, under the water




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