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30 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth

contribution by the www.surfingcarpet.com team


1. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Even if you're only going out of the room for a few minutes. Those kilowatts add up.

. Some of them, with their complicated timers and instant start-up features, constantly consume small amounts of electricity. You can disconnect the electronic instruments such as the TV, the stereo, the computer… if you do not use them. If you leave the TV in the “Stand By” mode during the night, it consumes as if you leave it open for 4 hours. That will save nearly 20% of energy consumption. 

3. SORTE YOUR GARBAGE. Use separate garbage containers for glass, paper and newspaper, plastic, aluminum, wood, organic matter, natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, rubber and BATTERIES. You can locate the nearest recycling center or disposal recipients in your neighborhood. One efficient way to get rid of the batteries waste is to use and invest in rechargeable batteries. That small thing will save you money on batteries and eliminate the battery waste.

4. USE LESS WATER. Prefer taking a shower than a bath. It is more economic and more hygienic. The water you use for one bath is equivalent of 5 showers! Try not to shave as often and to not leave running water during shaving and tooth brushing. You can also put one or two bricks in the toilet tank. You can collect rainwater in a cistern to sprinkle your grass during dry season. You can also recover the water you use to clean fruits and vegetables to re-use it for sprinkle your garden plants for example.

5. PLANT MORE TREES. The simili-bambou called miscanthus giganteus for example: this plant originally Asia can grow up to 13 feet in height in one season, adapts to all the grounds, requires little water and its straw changes easily by biocarburant quality!! In addition to providing clean and affordable electricity and heat, Miscanthus is an environmentally friendly crop. Its large root system captures nutrients, and stems provide wildlife cover. As a high yielding, low input perennial, Miscanthus is also excellent for carbon sequestration and soil building.

6. DRIVE SLOWER AND WISELY. Fuel consumption increases considerably with speeding. As of the CO2 emission. Try to drive the minimum recommended speed. Also, I roll up the windows. It reduces wind resistance. Also aggressive driving increases the fuel consumption of almost 40%.

7. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR. To avoid fuel over consumptions which can reach the 30%, it is necessary to regularly make the driving diagnosis, to control the fuel consumption of the car and to respect the periodicities of the maintenance operations.  By replacing in time the air filter and the sparkle candles every 9.000 Mile, or at least once a year, you can lower the consumption of the fuel of up to 40%. Also control the pressure of the tires: a tire under inflated of 1 bar involves a fuel over consumption of up to 10%. Finally, the use of the air-conditioning in the car increases the fuel consumption of up to 40%! It is advised to avoid air-conditioning and also to avoid transporting the luggage on the roof of the car.

8. SHOP WITH A RE-USABLE SHOPPING BAG. Use less plastic sacs in the supermarket. Also you can use tissue towels and less paper towels.

9. GO VEGGIE. Try to reduce your consumption of meats. Vegetables are growing back after we cut them. Animals are dying after we cut them.

10. BOYCOTT! Boycott polluters, or anyone who sells any product that can cause pollution, or any product that might contain an ingredient that can cause pollution. Don’t use aerosols which contain gas with greenhouse effect and which destroys the ozone layer, and the pesticides (insecticide, weed killers and fungicides) which pollute the ground water.

11. THE OPPOSITE OF BOYCOTT. You can buy furniture and papers certified issued of recycle. Consume organic products.

12. DO YOUR LAUNDRY BY HAND. It may be drudgery of the lowest order to have to hand-launder your clothes and hang them on a clothesline, but it saves water and energy. When you use the laundry machine, try to push the button “saving energy” or “saving water” if equipped. Same thing applies for the dish washer.

13. TURN DOWN THE HEAT. Especially the water heater. Use the solar heating of the water which will save up to 80% of the expenses of the heating for domestic water. Raising 1 degree of the home temperature, the consumption of energy increases approximately 7%.

14. TURN OFF THE AIR-CONDITIONER. The air-conditioner is one of the most energy consuming equipment. When it is absolutely necessary to use, close all doors and windows during the use and clean the air filters regularly.

15. CARPOOL! You save gas, time and money! And you make new friends too. Also use the least possible the car. Try to shop produce in big amounts to reduce the trips to the malls/supermarkets. Try to buy local products to prefer walking or bicycle. And privilege public transport like the bus and the train (especially not the air plane).

16. GO SOLAR. Invest in solar systems for water heating and energy producing. It is worth the investment and you will get your money back very quickly. You can also mount a windmill on your roof. It's cheap and easy to install.

17. HELP! You can volunteer some of your hands, time and/or money for this cause.

18. INVEST. You can use ecological lamps with low consumption which consume 10 times less electricity and last 8 times more than the traditional bulbs.

19. BE WISE AND SMART. You can do very small things that can save half of what you consume. Example: You can print on both side of a paper when you print out something. Also, if you can, avoid taking the elevator for less that 4 floors, you save energy and it is healthier for you. Cover the cooking pan, and cook with a pressure cooker when possible.

20. BOARD UP THE WINDOWS. Windows can let in and out too much heat. Ask a professional for isolation of the entire house. You can save up to 30% of the energy expenses (the investment can be quickly recovered on the economies to realize).

21. TRAVEL AND LEARN. You can try new food and sight seeing, but other cultures can give you new ideas about saving energy and protecting the environment.

22. REFREGIRATOR REFLEXES. The consumption of the refrigerator represents nearly 40% of the electricity expenses in a household. It is necessary to move away the refrigerator from the wall and any heat source, to think of thawing the refrigerator when necessary, to immediately close the refrigerator after each use, to think of changing the seal of the door when necessary, to let cool the dishes before putting them inside.

23. GET OUT AND ORGANIZE. You can make a difference! If you think you are too small to do a move, try to sleep in the same room with a tiny mosquito.

24. MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR. You think it’s the politician’s decision? You are the one who vote to elect them.

25. GO HIBRID. You will save money and save the earth in the same time. It is like if you get paid for saving the earth. If you can’t afford a hybrid car yet, then choose smaller cars with small engines.

26. KEEP FIGHTING. That's right. No matter how tough it gets, the fight to save the earth will go on, with or without you and will never end. And it won’t be easy!

27. DONATE OLD CLOTHING. There are people out there who can get some good use out of your oldmoth-eaten sweater or sports jacket or worn-out pair of shoes.

28. RECYCLE! REVIVE! RERUN! By separating the garbage and using biodegradable, ecologically safe, recyclable and reusable materials, everything old can be new again!

29. SHARE THIS. That can be your first contribution after reading this.

30. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! It's time to get your life in order. Grow up. Focus on one thing and do it and be done with it.

Thank you!


Join our fight, tell us what do you think on the forum, you can also join our blog!

Please contact us for any questions, propositions or concerns.